EPISODE   34:  Big  Mama  &  Hot  Mama

This week the stunning 2x Tony nominee Alison Fraser and the beautiful Tiffan Borelli join the show. Both of these ladies will be starring in Ruth Stage's upcoming production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof as Big Mama and Mae Flynn-Pollitt respectively. Director Joe Rosario leads a  lively discussion of Act III where Gooper, Mae and Big Mama dissect their dysfunctional family dynamic. Matt has an ethical quandary for Judge Scott in Ethical or Not and the boys tease a future podcast interview with their deceased founder, Bob Lamb?



Ruth Stage is bringing Lone Star, by James McLure, back to New York City!

This week, his niece and manager of the estate, Corinne Walsh joins the podcast. Early plans are discussed for the 2023 production and Corinne opens up about her Uncle Jim's plays, his love for baseball as well as his untimely passing in 2011. It all leads to a lively discussion of theater production, the merits of interpretations, and "serving the playwright." Also, Ruth Stage recounts one of the greatest home made meals in history made just this past Sunday by the Godfather himself, Mario de Rogatis. Matt's intro continues to get even more ridiculous. It's Ruth Stage After Daaaaark!



EPISODE   33:  Do  OVER w/ keith   sherman

After a technical mishap the boys are back with special guest and public relations savant, Keith Sherman. Keith talks in depth about a variety of subjects including getting beaten up in the lobby of a theater and doing press for the Tony Awards an amazing 18 times! John Farruggia joins the show in his never ending quest to become a full fledged producer of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Judge Scott rules again on Ethical or Not?





School is in session! This week Matt reads his Masters level thesis paper aloud to the class. It's a psychological breakdown of the character of Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Spencer and Joe weigh in on this scholarly deep dive. Also, Spencer stalks OJ's Twitter page and Joe talks about his favorite Anne Bancroft performances. Oh, that snoring you hear in the background? It's our team mascot, Vito. This episode is for the die hard theater fans and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof enthusiasts. It's a two hour extravaganza, live from our new studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey, beginning with Matt's best Vince McMahon impersonation!



EPISODE   35:  Lone  star  II  w/ Corinne  Walsh

EPISODE   31:  goonies  never  say  Die

AFTER DARK is back! Matt, Joe and Spencer recap a chaotic last few weeks that saw the production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof postponed for a FIFTH time now until the summer of 2022. John Farruggia crashes the podcast from a bubble bath, making outrageous demands. Also, the boys tease an entirely new look and direction of the podcast starting next week but waste no time introducing a brand new segment to the show this week. You see, Matt has a moral conundrum and only Judge Spencer Scott can decide. Is it “Ethical Or Not?!” It's the season premiere of After Dark!




Theater guys talking sports? Really? Really! Inspired by the Super Bowl, this weeks podcast centers around the world of professional sports. First, the fellas describe and dissect various sports plays that they've recently tackled. After that though is when things get rambunctious! A panel of sports "experts" join the show to discuss and debate topics such as the greatest sports player ever, the most unbreakable record in sports and more! Great discussion and debate lead to some big disagreements in the first ever sports centric episode. It's RUTH STAGE AFTER DAAARK!!! 





Welcome to a very special and spiritual edition of our theater podcast! This week, professional psychic and medium, Artie Hoffman joins the "Dark Room" to talk spirituality and make contact with the dead. Listen as we reach across this plane of existence to speak with Matt's dear friend, mentor and the founder of Ruth Stage, Bob Lamb. Even though the spirits conspired to shut down the recording (twice)...nothing can ever stop Ruth Stage. It's RUTH STAGE AFTER DAAARRK!




After their mid-season hiatus, After Dark is back! And so is Matt's Vince McMahon impersonation! This week we take a deep dive into the past of one of our own; the indomitable Joe Rosario. Despite our mascot Vito causing chaos off camera, this episode gives a very candid look at the career of the "Phil Jackson" of Ruth Stage. Also, Spencer can't contain his frustration with John and goes off on him for a few minutes. Is a feud brewing? It's Ruth Stage AFTER DAAAARRRRK!



EPISODE   39:  Jordan   Massee: 

The   Real "Big   Daddy"

This week on After Dark, we bring in Massee McKinley, a descendent of the real "Big Daddy" who Tennessee Williams based the famous Cat on a Hot Tin Roof character on. Christian Jules Leblanc joins in the discussion, as well, to gain deeper insight into the roots of his character. But first, John Farruggia responds to Spencer's inflammatory remarks about his poor fundraising skills, challenging Spencer to a full on fist fight. Is there a decisive bout brewing in Ruth Stage? Find out tonight. It's RUTH STAGE AFTER DAAAAARRRRK!




This week on After Dark, we bring in members of the Autism Community Theater; the recipient of our 2022 Bob Lamb Community Grant. Founder Gina DeMetrius and playwright/actor Ethan Thomas join us to discuss ACT's wonderful mission of bringing theater to Autistic teenagers and young adults. First, however, Spencer brings John Farruggia back to the show. After last week's heated back-and-forth exchange, The Boy Wonder is now reconsidering a fist fight with John. But first, John must defeat our No Neck Monster and Spencer's MUCH younger sister, Carly Gold, in a spelling bee to prove he is of sound mind. Can Farruggia triumph and convince Spencer to meet him in Florida to heal his wounded pride? Find out right now! It's Ruth Stage AFTERRRRR DARRRRRRKKKKK!


We are back on Zoom again since everyone is rundown, overworked, tired, and ill. However, the pod must go on! Theater veteran and co-founder of Burning Coal Theatre Company, Jerry Davis joins us this week to share some insight and background into his theater group in Raleigh, North Carolina. Burning Coal is set to receive the "Austin Pendleton Legacy Grant" from Ruth Stage's Foundation for the Arts program this year. Also, John Farruggia isn't taking his spelling bee loss well and has sent in a video provoking Spencer even further. Will John ever relent on his desire to fight? Is Spencer truly "chicken" or just concerned for John's well-being? Find out tonight on RUTH STAGE AFTERRRRRR DARRRRRRKKKKK!!! 



We're back in the dark room this week for a celebration of one whole year of After Dark. This week, we take a trip down memory lane with some of our favorite moments of the podcast over the last year, as well as looking ahead to some of the categories and nominees for the season finale awards show. But first, things get too heated between John Farruggia and Spencer. John has been on a war-path lately trying to provoke Spencer into accepting his challenge to a fist fight in Florida. Is this the week that Spencer finally relents and gives into the temptation of slapping John silly?! Find out on RUTH STAGE AFTERRRRRR DARRRRKKKKK!!!



This week on After Dark, we continue our year in review with part 2 of "The Birthday Bash." Tonight we take a look back at the ins and outs of the casting process, share stories of the Theater Saves Lives: An Evening of Hope event that took place last October amongst other topics, all in preparation for the first annual "Totally Bogus Awards Show." But first... Matt has a proposition for John and Spencer. They can have their brawl, but only if they both agree this will be the end of it. Spencer has a counter proposition of his own. Will John and Spencer finally be able to settle their differences? Could this be the last we see of The Gold Standard or Mr. F'n John? Find tonight! It's RUTH STAGE AFTERRRRRR DARRRRRRRKKKKK!!!



It's here! The pinnacle of Ruth Stage After Dark entertainment. It's the Totally Bogus Awards Show, hosted by 3x Emmy winner, Christian Jules Le Blanc and featuring the cast of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. But first, Matt kicks off the show with a major announcement regarding the future of Ruth Stage. Be amazed and amused - it's the season finale of RUTH STAGE AFTERRRRRRR DARRRRRRKKKKKK!!!