The boys get a serious upgrade and move the show to their own private studio; The Dark Room! Two time Tony nominee Alison Fraser joins the podcast to talk about her career in the business, her role as Big Mama in Ruth Stage's upcoming Cat on a Hot Tin Roof production and how she helped the Boston Red Sox "Reverse the Curse" back in 2004. Also, After Dark producer and Ruth Stage Vice Chairman, Mike Villastrigo talks about how he makes orgasmic noises when he eats.


Matt and Joe take a deep dive on the production they worked on together back in 2015; An Evening of One Acts: The Exhibition & Flowers for Algernon. de Rogatis played the lead in both (The Elephant Man/Charlie Gordon) while Rosario directed the evening. The group also pays homage to Ruth Stage founder, the late Bob Lamb and Mike Villastrigo conducts the first ever "After Dark" Q and A live from The Dark Room!


Ruth Stage company member Milton Elliott joins the show and profiles the 2016 Ruth Stage production of Hamlet in which he played The Ghost. Matt and Joe talk extensively about the "Storyteller"  character added to the show played by the late Bob Lamb. The three also discuss how project runway contestants, special FX designers and world renown artists contributed props and costumes to the run. Also Matt and Milton recount a nightmare moving experience they just had last week!

EPISODE  20:  ThE   Cholangiocarcinoma                      Foundation

Back from the rain forests of South America, Spencer returns to the podcast and turns up empty handed in his search for Maggie the Cat. More importantly, Ruth Stage officially announces their partnership with The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation which includes a fundraising gala event on October the 26th at Cubico in New York City. The Foundation's Vice President Laura Hnat joins the podcast with Bile Duct Cancer survivor Melinda Bachini. The two speak about the importance of creating awareness and offer hope to those living with this disease. It is After Dark's most relevant and watched podcast to date!


Somehow the Ruth Stage gang was able to snag theater legend and Tony Award nominee, Austin Pendleton, for the role of Doc Baugh in their upcoming Cat on a Hot Tin Roof production. Austin joins the podcast for the 4th time and this show is dedicated to all things Tennessee Williams. Joe seeks Austin's opinion on previous "Cat" productions,  Spencer asks him how he will prepare for the role of Doc Baugh and  Matt asks Austin, straight up, his favorite Tennessee William's play. His answer may surprise you!



Ginger Grace and Alex Rose join the pod this week to relive Ruth Stage's 2019 Off Broadway production of The Glass Menagerie! This inclusive behind the scenes look at the production includes topics ranging from how the show came to be, the backstage drama during the rehearsal process and the acclaimed critical success once it got up and running. Is a revival in their future? This is a can't miss episode!



Broadway is back! But why doesn't anyone talk about Off Broadway? In this episode, the group makes a case for why Off Broadway is the better, more interesting brand and why we should be celebrating the return of THEATER. Not just Broadway. Also, after nearly 1,000 submissions Cat on a Hot Tin Roof director, Joe Rosario, still hasn't found his Maggie. What exactly is he looking for? All this and more as the boys return to the Dark Room for the first time since Hurricane Ida flooded it weeks ago!


EPISODE  24:  The   Shakespeare   Conspiracy

This week the boys take a deep dive into one of the biggest literary conspiracies out there. Did William Shakespeare actually write his works or was someone else behind it? After an over 60 minute examination on the subject, the group is divided in their feelings. To start the show, however, Joe spends some time on the current casting situation in regards to Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Ruth Stage is talking with some major names for the role of Big Daddy. Who will end up in the part? It's anyone's guess!



It's the silver anniversary edition of Ruth Stage After Dark. Episode 25 reveals the actor playing "Gooper" in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Who ever could this man be? Well....it's Spencer Scott that's who! Tune in and listen as the gang psychologically breaks down the character. Also Matt announces a (growing) list of sponsors who are supporting the October 26th gala event, Theater Saves Lives: An Evening of Hope.



It's the final episode before the Theater Saves Lives gala event next week in SoHo! The boys break down the specifics of the evening and talk at length about what the average day looks like in the land of Ruth Stage. A distracted Matt gets into an argument on Facebook with a friend's brother who says Tim Duncan is better than Kobe Bryant. And finally, what would an After Dark episode be without playing Actor or Movie Star?


Actress Tiffan Borelli joins the Dark Room and is revealed as "The Monster of Fertility" Mae in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof!  An Oklahoma native, she talks about her journey as an actress and how her appearance at the highly successful Theater Saves Lives gala not only had the room buzzing, but ultimately won her the role. Also, Matt announces that Keith Sherman will be the show's press agent. 


The boys are back in Miami for a getaway trip and Spencer returns to the bathroom for this week's podcast. Ruth Stage reveals Christian Jules Le Blanc as Big Daddy in their upcoming Cat on a Hot Tin Roof production. The three time Emmy Winner and star of the Young and the Restless talks candidly about his career that has spanned over forty years. Director Joe Rosario breaks down why Le Blanc was the perfect choice for this iconic character.


This episode is all about nepotism! Carly Gold joins the show to reveal that she will be playing not one, not two, not three, not four but all five No Neck Monsters in our upcoming Off Broadway production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Her real life brother? None other than our own Spencer Scott, whose real last name is Gold. Lucky for him his sister is a Broadway star (The Ferryman) and so because of her, we let him be in our group.


On December 3rd 2020 the search for "Maggie the Cat" began. Almost one year to the day, November the 30th, 2021, Ruth Stage declares that it's Maggie the Cat Day! 1200+ auditions later, we finally found our cat. HBO's Sonoya Mizuno joins the show to talk about her upcoming role as "Maggie" in our Cat on a Hot Tin Roof production as well as playing "Lady Misery" in the Game of Thrones prequel series, House of the Dragon. It's the season finale of Ruth Stage After Dark with a special surprise for everyone in the final minutes.